Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogging the Eden Conference

The first full day of EDEN was interesting. The Keynote speakers started the day well with three rather different views on learning and Internet - Inspirational, technical, and sceptical. The parallel session I attended was also interesting with much about blogs and wikis. It was unfortunate that there wasn't time to discuss anything (scarcely time for questions) during these sessions. Our paper was the last one of the day in the second session but the audience were still there and interested. A few even stayed to discuss and we had to break off the discussion to get our bus!

One of the best points about working within the blogosphere is shared experience with other bloggers, who then also document the experience and enable me to see things from their perspective, or through their specialism. Generally though there seems to be a lack of activity around this EDEN conference, which is strange considering the subject, NEW LEARNING 2.0 with all the connotations of web 2.0!
However, there is some activity going on and here are some links to those who are driving that activity...
A work-place learning related entry about a pre-conference (Toni's Interdependent)
More general comments can be found on Chrisses blog, one of the other bloggers at the conference.
Steve Wheeler, who presented an interesting session on Wikis yesterday has a blog that I have now added to my aggregator.
Check out Olli Vesterinen later!
Teema Arina's blog concerning his Keynote speech on the first day. An inspirational start to the conference.

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