Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OER week 8 - late!

I been on the road for a few days and time and a lack of fast connections has slowed me down a little, not to mention the disgusting cold I have! However I finally got my film loaded up to dot.sub, transcribed and then translated into English.

I learned several things from this process...
I learned that if you are going to have written text accompanying the pictures then the pictures and the text need to be coordinated. Having pictures change and the text stay the same, and then suddenly the text changes but the picture doesn't.... all too confusing, and now I've seen it fairly obvious, but then that is how we learn things when we learn by doing. Strangely that wasn't a problem (was it?) when I was listening to the text and looking at the pictures
I need fewer pictures on for a longer time.
I need to choose the pictures more carefully. One of my blurred pictures was followed by a sharp image to give contrast. Unfortunately the compression process rendered them BOTH fairly blurred - better examples next time!
That's it for now, I'll be back later!


JLH said...

Your wife's comment really made me laugh. Good for you for taking on a much more complex film project than the one I did. It's a great example of how students could start using for a simple instructional video with captions.

Juha said...

Great and educative movie. A good example of how these kind of OER could be done.

You left me pondering... How does the macro work? What happens in the camera? Is the lens moved or what?